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Lambton County is home to a growing collection of theatres, galleries, and museums. A flourishing community of wineries, breweries, and waterfront restaurants allows you to taste what makes Lambton County one of Canada’s richest farming regions. Whether you’re looking for an evening of theatre or a culinary experience, Discoveries That Matter invites you to discover our diverse culture and heritage for yourself.


Whether you’re new to the area or have been here a lifetime, Discoveries That Matter invites you to explore the arts and culture located right in our backyard. Our Culture Map lets you discover local highlights around Lambton County.


With beginnings as Canada’s first commercial oil well, the region has transformed into a hub of agriculture, metal fabrication, and — of course — petrochemical engineering. Nestled along the Canada-United States border, Lambton County offers direct access to one of North America’s busiest industrial channels. Discoveries That Matter invites you learn more about the area’s growing labour force, thriving industrial sectors, and easy access to the U.S. market.

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