Discoveries That Matter™ is truly a community brand, developed by and for the community to represent, promote, and prosper Lambton County.

This brand is intended to be used by the many entities that promote the county in addition to their own brands. It will connect the individuals, governments, organizations and businesses of Lambton County through a common brand, gradually building recognition internally and externally through frequent use and application of the logo.

An extensive research process shaped the development of this brand. The process included public surveys and vision sessions as well as a thorough study of existing research and history. Emphasis was placed on identifying the county’s unique differentiation.

A broad group of community representatives led the brand development process ensuring that all perspectives were considered and all voices heard.

This brand was developed to capture the spirit and character of Lambton County. It is a reflection of the people that have shaped the history of this county and the people that will shape its future. It is a reflection of the beautiful natural environment that the county is known for and of the many opportunities that exist here for residents, businesses and tourists.

Designed to reflect and capture the essence of the brand statement, the Discoveries That Matter logo is unique, visually intriguing and highly representative:

• 14 Flags – Representing the 11 municipalities and the 3 First Nations communities
• Industrial – Gears, sprockets machinery, representing the value of industry
• Natural – Ripples, trees, reeds, representing the beauty of nature
• Dynamic – Forward moving, integrated, representing the concept of working together
• Multi-faceted – Transitional, innovative, amplifying energy, representing discoveries that matter
• Discoveries That Matter™ – Through the layering of the graphic, representing the many aspects of the county and the many discoveries that matter

The multiple hues used in the logo reflect the many communities, experiences and industries of Lambton County. The shift in colours indicates a continuous
opportunity for new discoveries, growth and progress.

Blue is the colour of the sky and sea. It is often associated with power and stability.

Green is the colour of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, innovation and productivity.

A soft yellow blends the greens and blues to provide warmth and a hint of the sunsets that Lambton County is well known for.

Grey text is used to provide stability and balance to the colourful graphic

About Us

Discoveries That Matter is a community brand for Lambton County, Ontario. Discoveries That Matter promotes the economic, educational, and lifestyle opportunities within Lambton County.

Discoveries That Matter represents Lambton County’s 11 municipalities and three First Nations. More information about each of these communities can be found at the following websites:

Discoveries That Matter aims to wholly represent and honor the diverse and fascinating history of Lambton County, from the rich traditions of its indigenous peoples, early European settlers, the introduction of North America’s first commercial oil well and the transformative industry that followed, and our shared story of growth and prosperity. It also aims to educate residents and visitors on the intrinsic value of our community’s art, culture, and natural resources.

Discoveries That Matter reflects the value of Lambton County’s many regional organizations, including:

Tourism Sarnia Lambton, Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership, Lambton College, Sarnia-Lambton Workforce Development Board, Sarnia-Lambton Business Development Corporation and the County of Lambton.

These resources give Lambton County residents, visitors, and prospective newcomers access to the information they need to thrive within our community.