Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership

The Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership is the County of Lambton’s economic development agency, whose mission is to promote the distinctive advantages Sarnia-Lambton has to offer companies and residents. Strategically located at the Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park, the Economic Partnership is regarded as one of the top 10 economic development groups in Canada by Site Selection Magazine and is instrumental in driving the development of sustainable chemistry and energy initiatives in the region.

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The petrochemical and refining industries are firmly rooted in Lambton County’s history. Today, the region is home to many of the country’s top biochemical energy companies and research teams, known globally as the Bio-Hybrid Chemistry Cluster. As demand for hybrid fuels and technologies continues to grow, Lambton County’s bio-based infrastructure is projected to expand even further.

Lambton College

Lambton College is the region’s leading provider of higher education. Campuses are located in and around Sarnia, including within the Biohybrid Chemistry Cluster. Lambton College performs invaluable research and training for the bio-tech, renewable energy, community services, and public safety sectors. Lambton College has been a key player in the local economic turnaround. Applied research was a key priority in Lambton’s Strategic Plan (2013-2017) and the College has committed again to significantly increase their AR&D capacity across the College, region and Canada — which thus far has attracted nearly $30million in federal and provincial research funding, plus industrial commitments. Industry collaborative AR&D at Lambton also enriches the student and faculty experience and supports regional and provincial economic development. Since 2007, Lambton has served more than 700 local, regional, and Canadian industrial partners. This represents over 500 projects with 100 on-going. More than 500 college students, 70 recent graduates and 40 faculty and staff members have been involved in these projects.

The College’s 2017-2020 Strategic Mandate Agreement is under development through extensive discussion within the College and broader community. Two of its five tenets directly address their commitment to applied research:

  1. Applied Research Excellence and Impact
  2. Innovation, Economic Development and Community Engagement.

Lambton College demonstrates the ability and capacity to support research and innovation activities and technology transfer. Since 2007, Lambton has served more than 700 local, regional, and Canadian industrial partners — that represents over 500 projects with 100 on-going. More than 500 college students, at least 70 recent Lambton graduates and over 40 faculty and staff have been involved in these projects.

In 2016, Lambton College was ranked 1st in Ontario and 3rd in Canada for research revenue by Research Infosource Inc. Lambton College repeated its rank #3 in Canada in 2017, while earning the distinction of the country’s top research college in 2018.

The Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park

The Sarnia-Lambton area has become one of the most important research and development clusters in North America for bio-hybrid chemicals and fuels, with much of this research taking place at the Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park. Established in 2003 as a joint initiative between the County of Lambton, City of Sarnia, and Western University, the 80-acre Park offers commercial office, laboratory and pilot plant space. The Park’s Commercialization Centre is Canada’s largest clean-tech incubator focused on large-scale industrial technology. The Western Research Parks is a recipient of the international Outstanding Research Park Award by the Association of University Research Parks, for excellence in high-technology economic development, student learning opportunities and job creation. The Park serves as an enabler and catalyst for economic growth, innovation, employment and wealth creation in the Sarnia-Lambton region.

The Sarnia-Lambton Biohybrid Chemistry Cluster

Lambton County is one of the leading centres for bio-hybrid technologies in North America. The Sarnia-Lambton Bio-hybrid Chemistry Cluster is a collection of laboratories, production facilities, industrial parks, and energy farms located in Lambton County. Companies benefit from the Cluster’s established infrastructure and convenient market access to Canada, the United States, and abroad.

Some of the most notable companies found in the Sarnia-Lambton Biohybrid Chemistry Cluster include: Nova Chemicals, Suncor Energy Products, ARLANXEO, and LCY Biosciences. Key to the development of the cluster has been Bioindustrial Innovation Canada, which is located within the Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park.


The County of Lambton fosters a growing industrial community. The region’s highway, railway, and port systems make it easy to transport goods globally. Here are just a few of The County of Lambton’s fastest growing business sectors:


The County of Lambton began as an oil well community in the 1800s, and today energy production and research remain one of its largest business sectors. The County of Lambton is connected to several pipelines from across Canada and into the United States. Agriculture producers are a strategic partner in the Bio-Hybrid Chemistry Cluster by providing local biomass to energy producers.

Convenient access to eastern and western Canada, the United States, and the Great Lakes corridor makes it easy to transport these products locally or internationally.

To learn more about the biotech research and development taking place in Lambton County, visit the Discoveries That Matter Innovation & Education page.


With a climate comparable to Northern California, Lambton County offers some of the most fertile soil in the country. The area is home to over 2,000 farms and 13 industrial greenhouses, many of which are working to implement sustainable practices within their operations. With over 500,000 acres of cultivated land, the County of Lambton is a leading producer of soybeans, winter wheat, corn as well as sugar beets and related agriculture bi-products and wastes.

Local farmers and their distributors are within a one day drive to 1.6 billion bushels of corn and 621 million bushels of soybeans. The agriculture sector develops new technologies and processes and has been recognized numerous times for agri-food innovation. Tillers and mixers are manufactured locally by PENTA TMR INC., located in the town of Petrolia.


Lambton County’s third largest industry is leisure tourism. The area’s rich history, thriving culture, and natural resources draw in thousands of visitors every year. Find out more at the Discoveries That Matter Lifestyle, Culture, and Tourism page.

Fabrication & Manufacturing

Although Sarnia-Lambton is well known for its oil, gas and refining role, many other manufacturing industries also flourish in the area. Companies in the area manufacture a diverse range of products including playground equipment, auto parts, drainage products, military and police supplies, air filters, pallets, agricultural equipment, custom metal products, and food processing.

The City of Sarnia, in partnership with the County of Lambton and St. Clair Township, is in the process of developing an oversized load corridor. This corridor is a designated protected route on existing roadways connecting local fabricators to Sarnia Harbour, for the unimpeded export and transshipment of oversized products.

Clear passage preserved along this route will improve the competitiveness of local fabricators and large industry by reducing shipping costs, creating new jobs, and increasing the potential for the export of valuable locally manufactured vessels, reactors and equipment modules.

Creative Industries

The creative industries sector has been steadily growing in Canada. The County of Lambton’s unique heritage, affordable cost of living, and easy access to major cities make it a gathering place for creative minds.

The County of Lambton’s local galleries, historic theatres, and entrepreneur support services, provide essential resources to artists and entrepreneurs in design, innovation, and media. Find out more about Lambton County’s creative industries at the Discoveries That Matter Lifestyle, Culture, and Tourism page.