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Revamped interactive website to boost ‘Discoveries’ brand

By November 23, 2018 No Comments

Author: Melanie Irwin, Blackburn News, Sarnia

The Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership [SLEP] has re-launched hoping to revive the community brand created in 2014.

Marketing and Event Coordinator Shaun Bisson says the website is easier to navigate and will act as a gateway to explore everything this region has to offer.

“From the cultural standpoint, a tourism standpoint, economic development, the businesses that are available here… everything that makes Lambton County great because there are so many different things to discover within Lambton County,” said Bisson. “A chance to get a new interactive, engaging website out there was something that we thought was very important.”

The website has some exciting new features.

“The coolest thing for me is the cultural mapping tool. Everything that is culturally important in Lambton County is showcased there,” he said. “You can interact with it. See exactly what it is, where it’s located in relation to anything else. From parks, to libraries, to theatres, museums, trails. I was able to find some really cool destinations around my house, which was something that I wasn’t aware of before.”

There is also a new calendar which they hope will become the centralized hub for local event listings.

“People can interact and really find out what’s happening in Lambton County on any given day. We’re hoping that becomes a very comprehensive destination for people to interact with and really get out and enjoy their community a whole lot more.”

Highlights in economic development are also featured as an engine to drive new business to the area.

“When businesses see that so many other people are having success in the Sarnia-Lambton region, it encourages them to really try to have that success as well.”

Local businesses and residents are encouraged to check out the website and feed information to be highlighted on it by using the #discoveriesthatmatter hashtag in social media posts.